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A long show more than 100 years...


Pyrotechnics is the art and study of the manufacture of fireworks for the purpose of fun and entertainment.

Into The fireworks are generally used for entertainment, events and parties and their effect is amplified by the surrounding environment as a space in front of a body of water or in the vicinity of monuments, ruins, amphitheaters, plazas, valleys, or underwater natural.

Into Our company since 1900 is characterized by the combination Professionalism and Originality organizing any kind of show paying attention to your needs, with your cooperation and with our commitment.

Your Special Event - We can make your event truly special turning it into something unique and unrepeatable. Thanks to our fireworks to music will together create a visual effect and sound to be a pleasure indescribable emotions.

Security , is our key to success that sets us apart for over a century. We are willing to discuss everything, but not on this key issue which is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. We are always looking for new technologies to enable us to reach new safety standards, without affecting the spectacle



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